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Starting a Business in Georgia

Congratulations! You've picked a fine State to start your business in. Georgia is so serious about attracting new business that it operates what it calls the "First Stop Business Information Center" which is maintained by the Georgia Secretary of State's office.

This great resource ought to be called the "One Stop Business Information Center" because almost everything you need to know can be found all in one place.

You can find out how to obtain permits and licenses, a summary of the laws that directly affect employers, an FAQ that covers everything from "How do I get started?" to "Where can I find information regarding government loans for small businesses?", and a whole lot more.

The Secretary of State's official motto is: "Advancing the e-government revolution" and they sure mean it. You can download a PDF document called Points of Contact for Small Business Entrepreneurs and help yourself to 26 pages of business-specific information.

The site also links to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, which will educate you on various federal, state, and local financing programs that directly or indirectly benefit Georgia businesses or those businesses interested in making Georgia their home, and the University of Georgia's Small Business Development Center and Business Outreach Service. According to their Mission Statement, the agency exists to "enhance the economic well-being of Georgia citizens". Isn't that a nice reason to exist!

The statewide Georgia Chamber of Commerce is a great source of current and archived business news stories, and provides a wealth of information to businesses that are planning to settle in Georgia.

The Georgia Department of Revenue operates a very impressive site with everything you need to know about filing business taxes. Speaking of taxes, spells out Georgia's tax structure very clearly and concisely.

At last count, Georgia was home to over 225 banks, and that's just the ones with web sites. You can find all of the online banks right here, and a listing of every bank, whether online or not, right here.

Georgia is definitely a wired state. Even the Governor has published his vision for the State online.

Georgia, recently ranked the nation's fourth fastest growing state, has more than eight million residents and projects that another 380,000 will move into the State by 2005.

Georgia has the fourth-largest public university system in the U.S., checking in with 34 institutions statewide, and Atlanta scores second in the U.S. for the percentage of population that hold a college degree. Georgia has the distinction of offering the single largest scholarship program in the U.S. with its state lottery-financed HOPE scholarship which has met the needs of over 420,000 students since 1993.

Georgia's comittment to providing an educated workforce means that you will have no problem finding quality employees to help build your business. Georgia has been called an "economic engine" for the rest of the country and is located right in the middle of the fastest growing region in the U.S.. Georgia's population is the country's 10th largest, and it has consistently created more than 2,000 jobs every week!

The Georgia State Legislature funds three high-tech business incubators operated by the Georgia Research Alliance. One helps companies involved in the pharmaceutical industry, another is a bio-engineering incubator on the Georgia Institute of Technology campus in Atlanta., and the third is run by The University of Georgia (Athens) and supports plant and animal technology.

Georgia is the world's leading producer of carpets, poultry, kaolin and telecommunications technologies, and makes a huge contribution the the world's processed food consumption. Georgia also hosts transportation, software, environmental technologies, construction products, chemicals, design and professional services.

According to "More peanuts, pecans and poultry are grown in Georgia than in any other state. Georgia also ranks second in acres of cotton and rye and third in peaches and fresh market tomatoes. Poultry broilers continue to rank as Georgia's number one cash receipts commodity, representing 45 percent of the total cash receipts from sales of farm products. The average farm is 265 acres".

If you're planning on running a computer technology-based company, it will pay you to learn how to partner with the Georgia Technology Authority to win bids on computer-related goods and services contracts.

You can also learn about becoming an authorized vendor and how to bid for most any State contract to provide a wide range of goods and services. The Governor's Small Business Center is another outstanding resource for learning how to do business with the State government.

If you are a minority-owned business, the State has some very important information that you'll need to know to help build your business.

Everywhere you turn, it's obvious that Georgia is serious about business, so you should be serious about Georgia.

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